Project Framework

We had a lot of questions about our project, why we want to finance it by NFTs and what it is about at all. We want to answer these questions to bring some transparency to our project. We start with the framework, which makes clear how we do use NFTs to finance our project and what we offer and what are the preconditions for our NFT offers. This is especially important since we are preparing the next drop of NFTs already.

A brief description of our approach to make a film financed by NFTs

Films are fun, but making films is a serious matter. Our goal as independent filmmakers is not only to create a good film but something that has an impact and that challenges people. In addition, everyone involved in making this film should be satisfied and paid. Since many people are involved in the production of a film (actors, cam operators, sound, cutter etc.), a production costs money. We see ourselves as a low-budget project, but even that requires a lot of money. In a rough calculation, we need around € 400,000. Which means, we have to sell around 10,000 NFTs for € 40. This is neither a lot nor easy.

But why NFTs? Financing a film is difficult. Only a small fraction of projects get realized. If they get funding, influence is usually exerted. But we want to make our film according to our ideas. Which means: independent financing. 

What we offer: We know that the NFT scene is very diverse, the purpose of NFTs ranges from collectibles to technical utilities. It is not easy for us to find a way. This is especially true as long as it is not certain that the film can be produced. The simplest and probably best idea would be to sell previews. But this only works if financing is secured. Since we only want to make serious offers, we are currently offering collectibles, invitations to a reading of the screenplay and pre-emption rights for further NFTs. If you have an idea for our NFTs, you are invited to join our Discord Server to make suggestions:

We wish and hope for your support and involvement. Share our links, buy our NFTs. Come on board and be part of something special.

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