About the project: We aim to make a feature film with the working title Gang of Varmints. It will be a thriller movie. And there is something special, we aim to finance the movie by selling NFTs. So for you there are two things to watch, getting further information about the movie and about the drop of our NFTs. And yes, who owns our NFTs will get further information first.

How to follow: Currently we started posting on and Discord. To stay connected and informed we recommend to subscribe to our account. You may also subscribe to our Linktree page. All information about the upcoming allowlist and minting will be published there and on Discord first. Expect the announcements of the allowlist and minting at the end of April and beginning of May. Another way to find all our links and announcement is to follow us on Linktree.

Here are our links: Twitter / XDiscordLinktree

Who we are: We are two filmmakers having various experiences, Danny Goodman and Frank Brauer. We aim to produce this film by ourselves.

About this website: This website currently fulfills the need to have an impressum for our activities. In the future further information about our project may become available on this website as well.