The Intention and Plot of the Film

This is the second post to bring more transparency to the project and answer questions. Although the title is „What is the film about“, it focuses more on the background of the plot and the motivation to make this film. The plot is only briefly mentioned here. A more comprehensive description of the content can be found in the post titled with What is the film about.

Our intention for this project and what the film is about

We want to make a film that challenges people. It is about making people question themselves, their beliefs and their morals. Getting in the psyche of extremist characters, criminals and borderline narcissistic psychopaths who are trapped in a tense, one-false-step and everything-could-combust environment.

With an overlying theme of: there is no escape, there is no way out, we are mixing genres and tropes of crime, thriller and drama in a finding the rat / whodunit story with current and societal explosive themes and events such as corruption, manipulation, gaining control and power, personally and politically. Exploring and diving into characters who are either forced to compromise or indulge, in an isolated, nothing but enemies setting.

The background and storyline of these happenings is a meeting of three morally gray borderline psychopathic and narcissistic criminals who exchange a suitcase full of diamonds. But instead of diamonds, they get trapped in an apartment. For the group, it is clear: there must be a traitor among them. And so the hunt for the rat begins. 

Exploring a world of permanent ambiguity and untrustworthiness is exciting to us. For us as filmmakers, we aim to challenge and corrupt the audience by telling a story in the moral gray area. This particularly is the motivation and passion of the author of this story.

We wish and hope for your support and involvement. Share our links, buy our NFTs. Come on board and be part of something special. Further announcements about the upcoming NFT Drop will be made at this blog and our social media accounts. You always find all of our up to date links at our Linktree Page.

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