How to buy our NFTs

A brief introduction to how our NFTs can be purchased. This guide below is for beginners. For experienced users, the essential information is that our NFTs are published on the Polygon Blockchain. Information about the launch of Allowlist and Drop will become available on our social media accounts, Discord and

Beginner’s Guide to Buying NFTs

The necessary steps to purchase NFTs:

  1. You need a wallet. This is cryptocurrency management software. It is necessary that the wallet is compatible with the blockchain on which the NFTs are offered. In our case, this is the Polygon Blockchain for now. Wallet software is available free of charge. Two well-known providers are Metamask and Phantom. You may choose to install a wallet on a computer or a smartphone or even both. Simply follow the wallet provider’s instructions to install the software.
  2. You need the corresponding currency of the blockchain on which the NFTs are offered. The currency of the Polygon Blockchain is called MATIC. To buy the currency, two steps are required: first, the Polygon Blockchain must be activated in the wallet (again, read the wallet provider’s instructions). Then you can secondly buy MATIC coins via the wallet and store them in the wallet. Purchasing coins is usually possible via the wallet using a credit card. Around 100 euros or dollars is sufficient and a recommended amount to be able to buy our or other NFTs and test the possibilities.
  3. Now you are already prepared to support our project and take advantage of our offers. All you need now is the information about where we offer our NFTs. You can find out about this via our social media accounts, Discord and To buy our NFTs, go to the platform where they are offered. There is a button there to connect your wallet to the platform. Once the connection is established, you can buy one or more NFTs.
  4. Finally, a not unimportant additional information: NFTs can sell out quickly. Therefore, providers can set up so-called allow lists, also known as white lists, which enable a right of first refusal. To make sure that you get a sought-after NFT, you can register on an allow list. Information about the availability of our allowlists is also available via our social media accounts on Discord and