NFT Drops

Second Drop, runs until June 27th

Our second drop offers Meme NFTs, which may be minted for free for 24 hours. Read more about our 1. drop of Meme NFTs in the following Blog Post: 1. Drop of Meme NFTs. Find all Links on our Linktree Page.

First Drop, runs until June 30th

Our first NFT drop has taken place, the sale of NFTs runs until June 30th. The first collection consists of four NFTs, each NFT represents one of our main fictional characters. Purchasing an NFT gives you the right to attend a script reading and a privilege to purchase all subsequent NFTs. Of course, you will also receive the unique NFTs, of which there are only 1000 pieces available. As always, all links to the Minting Pages can be found on our Linktree Page.

We are currently planning the next NFT drop. This will take place at the beginning of June. The exact date will be available as a post here on our website and in our social media channels.