2. Drop of NFTs ended successfully

Our second drop of NFTs ended on June 27th and the collection has been revealed now. You can watch the collection on Opensea by the following link: Pixel Characters by MovieProjectNFT.

There have been minted 129 of 2000 available NFTs, which we name a success. One may wonder about these figures as other collections sell thousands of items. We still consider it a success because our project seems a bit exotic.

Why is it exotic? In the NFT scene, collectibles and utilities for technologically oriented projects are offered, but we want to finance a film. This is not far-fetched, but unusual. Our NFTs are therefore more like collectibles. A large community is usually the basis for a successful campaign, but we started from scratch in the NFT scene.

We are therefore pleased that we were able to get some of our NFTs out to people. A small community has now formed and we are looking forward to the future. The next drop of NFTs is already being prepared.

Come on board, follow us on our social media channels listed on Linktr.ee and become part of something great.

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