1. Drop of Meme NFTs

Our 1. drop of meme nfts is scheduled. It will start on June 12th at 6pm CEST. The drop will start with a 24 hours phase to mint for free. After the free minting phase the sales price will be set. This will happen on the Opensea Marketplace on the Ethereum Blockchain.

There are only 2000 nft pieces available. Each NFT shows one of our fictional characters either covered or uncovered in pixel style. So you get some nice artwork and additionally priority access to upcoming NFT Drops. Upcoming NFT Drops may include script readings, previews of the movie, even invitations to the premiere or similar stuff. If you have a particular idea for our upcoming NFT Drops, you are invited to join our Discord Server to make suggestions. All links of the project are available at our Linktree Page: https://linktr.ee/movieproject

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