What is the Film about?

When presenting our film project, we have so far focused a lot on NFT. But even in conversations with people in the crypto scene, the question of what the film is about came up again and again. More on that in this post. There is a very short summary, the so-called logline, and a more comprehensive summary. But first let us mention the genre again, crime and thriller

Short Summary (Film Logline)

A group of criminals meet to exchange a suitcase of diamonds. But at the meet up, the diamonds are not there and they suspect that one of them set them up to eliminate them. So the hunt for the rat begins.

More comprehensive Summary (Film Synopsis)

In a political tense metropolis, three enigmatic criminals meet to exchange a suitcase of diamonds.  But the meeting does not go as planned: there are no diamonds. What was supposed to be an easy deal, escalates quickly into sheer chaos and outrage.  Paranoia, wrath, violence and distrust infect the group. Moreover, an unforeseen event traps the group in the meeting place, which forces them to form unwanted alliances.

“Gang of Varmints” portraits a web of deceit, claustrophobia and treachery, in which everyone suspects everyone. Mutual accusations and open hostility unfold, as the suitcase can’t be found. Things come to a head, when the situation escalates into murderous actions. But the essential question remains: where are the diamonds, but more importantly, who is the rat?

Do you want to know more about our Film and our Activities?

we will occasionally publish more information about our film project, although we cannot reveal everything. But we are offering, for example, participation in a script reading via our NFTs and are thinking about what else might be of interest. If you follow us on Discord, you can also give suggestions for services. Either way, it remains exciting and to stay up to date, follow us on our social media channels. All current links are always available on our Linktree page or subscribe to the website feed.

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